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WWtoolsWe use WordPress to build your site, utilising one of the many premium templates there are, giving you the world of possibilites for your professional looking, fully loaded, fully responsive (viewable across all devices) website. The website is then tailored to your specific needs/design specifications, giving you a truly unique site like no other.

As with most things in life, all the tools are readily available for ANYONE to build their own website if they have the knowledge.

Just as it is fairly straight forward to fix a leaking tap in a bathroom, if you don’t know how it’s done you employ a plumber who comes in and charges you over the odds for a job that really would take you a few moments if you had the know-how and correct equipment.

The same applies for website design.

We are aware of the ridiculous prices many companies charge for very basic sites that fall well short of what you really would require for a site, utilising the most basic of templates with the least add-ons or ‘plug ins’ as they are known. It is our goal to allow you to get a fully loaded website, put together exactly as you require it using the content you provide. We do not believe in making sites too busy or with too much content, just for content’s sake. Just as our own site is very stripped with all the information you need and no technical nonsense to confuse matters, we believe your site should be the same. Unless, of course,  you DO want a very loud and busy looking site… that we CAN do if you require, but look at the best sites from some of the largest companies around, you will find that the simple designs are the ones that work best.

Once we start the ball rolling, it is a matter of days before your website is up and running, this enables us to charge the bare minimum for our time and to also cover the cost of the hosting and domain name. We see this as providing a service that is currently lacking from many website designers who need to cover large overheads or wage bills.

As ridiculous as it sounds in today’s business world, it really is our pleasure to charge you as little as possible to bring you the website you always desired.. why not begin today and get that site for less than £250 ?

Take a moment to take a look at one or two of our testimonials from happy customers, with more being added weekly.

Should you decide to use our services, we direct you to a fully loaded support site which walks you through the maintenance of your own website, meaning no more costly bills or waiting weeks getting designers to update information that really would take YOU less than 5 minutes.

WardsWebsites – bringing you the website you always wanted, at the price you CAN afford

For more information, get in touch here.

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