"Finally ! Someone who speaks my language when it comes to confusing technical Jargon and won't try to charge me the earth to maintain my website." ​

Hi, my name is Andy Ward, and WardsWebsites is my pride and joy.

After travelling the world for 20 years as a high profile Club DJ and Music Producer, I decided it was time to hang up the headphones and focus on my other passion – helping people.

Using the experience I gained in building websites for myself and my Event Promotions, WardsWebsites was born in 2012.

I was able, in a short space of time, to create a very successful Website Hosting and Design Business, at a price EVERYONE can afford.

My History

With over 25 years of marketing experience I am guaranteed to offer you that little something extra that you wouldn’t have thought of yourself.

Price is important !

I started this business to help fellow DJs and musicians find a platform to share their talents at an affordable price.

This has enabled me to build up a healthy client base of friends and their friends.

My Ethos

I understand how important it is to offer a one-to-one service, especially when dealing with technical things many might not understand.

A site for everyone

From basic websites to full-blown booking systems & eCommerce platforms,  I am guaranteed to bring any idea to life.

We work hand in hand until you are happy and I have a 100% satisfied customer history.

Website Packages


A classic website, built to your exact specification with all your social network sites linked and much, much more.

Suitable as a showcase website for DJs , Record Labels & Musicians or Self-Employed individuals.


All the tools of the Classic website with extra functionality for small businesses (extra emails, advanced storage).

This would be the package of choice for DJs wishing to host and distribute podcasts or new releases.


Any business wanting to really expand their Contacts, Marketing and Networking would benefit from the Premium Package.

eCommerce and Mailing List integration as standard means every aspect of your next step is optimised.

All Packages boast full 24 hour support, 7 days a week (That’s the beauty of working from home)

Thanks Andy Ward !

You were able to turn around the entire webs build process from A-Z literally over the weekend which usually takes days and weeks.

I appreciate the flexabilty in the requested amendments which were implemented immediately. The back office administrator and the webmail access is user friendly and easy to use.

Thanks again, this was a job well done.

Eric G

(Client now has 5 websites built and hosted, operating throughout Dubai and worldwide)


From DJs to Dental Technicians, Plumbers to Plastic Surgeons


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