Where’s your Blog?

Like most busy web designers, I find it hard to keep my OWN site up to date. Typical. The good thing is that I’m so busy I don’t really need to use my blog to find new clients as they are backing up most of the time. However, this is NOT the best practise and […]

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Back to work – What is your plan?

As you prepare to get back into full swing with your business or services, what plan do you have to generate maximum impact in the shortest amount of time? Continuing with my current goal of ‘Inspire and Be Inspired’ I have created a range of ridiculous offers to help maximise your reach and generate plenty […]

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Life without Facebook

Does the thought of losing your Facebook profile and, more importantly, those all important likes on your business pages, fill you with dread and fear?

It is all well and good having a healthy network of people on social media but as the backlash against privacy and data farming grows it is ESSENTIAL that you have your own means of directly contacting your clients and customers other than via these popular sources.

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A new era for WardsWebsites

The last 24 months have been insanely busy for my website builds and hosting services.

Thanks to the support of friends and close associates, my list of clients grows on a weekly basis and I am continuously improving my technical skills and design abilities.

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