Don’t lose your prized photos – Save the originals !

It’s easy to take for granted that which you assume to be common knowledge when you work closely with something.

Whilst building a recent website for a client, it was obvious that not everyone understands about photo dimensions (size), resolution (quality) and aspect ratio (i.e if something is stretched too thin it’s because the aspect ratio has been altered).

This doesn’t really have much impact on everyday life and those gym-wanker selfies, however it could be extremely important when it comes to treasured snaps of your children, relatives etc.

Where do you store your photos ?

Whilst camera quality increases on our smartphones and digital cameras, so too does the file size of the images we capture.  This means that more often than not we are juggling between photos, apps, music etc as to what gets deleted from our phones and devices to make way for new stuff.

This is where you need to understand about photo resolution.

When you take an original photo and upload it to Facebook or other social media, to save space on their MAMMOTH servers, they COMPRESS the image. In very basic language, this means they take about 80% of the information OUT of the photo and shrink it in size.  More often than not you would not necessarily notice this to look at it on the screen if you didn’t know what you were looking for. Or maybe you have noticed that your photos look a little ‘fuzzy’ at times? That’s because of the compression !

Anyway, the job’s a ‘good un’ and you share the picture of you and your wife with your two favourite cats. Happy Days !

The problem arises when, somewhere down the line, you delete the photos stored on your camera because you know you already have them saved on Facebook. Then when you come to retrieve the photo of the cats to get it put onto a canvas, you’re screwed because Facebook only has a tiny sized copy of the photo that doesn’t blow up to anything much bigger than an A5 desk diary, where the original is probably at least 10 times that size !

This is why you NEED to be saving ALL your ORIGINAL photos, somewhere !

There are many, many options for storing your photos on external Hard Drives or ‘on the cloud’ and, unless you’re worried about the tabloids hacking into your oh-s0-important life and stealing that photo of you touching your toes whilst taking a selfie in the bathroom mirror from behind, you really need to look into them.


This was a very, very quick blog whilst it is fresh in my mind, if you need any more info on this then do get in touch I’ll be glad to point you in the right direction.


**Edit – Apr 2016:  

Click this link to find out how to easily download all your Facebook Content (posts, photos, videos etc !)

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