Life without Facebook

Does the thought of losing your Facebook profile and, more importantly, those all important likes on your business pages, fill you with dread and fear?

We all know those people who claim, with pride, that they don’t have a Facebook account. They look down their noses at everyone else that uses the famed social media platform, that boasts 72.4% of the population* as it’s users. That’s all well and good if you aren’t in business, however almost anyone that has ANY business of any kind to promote, knows this is extremely short sighted.

I was recently hit with a 7 day Facebook ban for posting what I thought was a harmless photograph of a hairy testicle in an egg cup to wish all my friends a Happy Easter (yes, I need to grow up). Whilst this didn’t really worry me too much it did prove to be slightly inconvenient.

Luckily, I have spent the last decade creating a very strong database of clients and customers for my events and website businesses, so I always know that if I were to be permanently banned, or worse still, have my accounts hacked and deleted, I still have access to those all important customers. Could you say the same?

It is all well and good having a healthy network of people on social media but as the backlash against privacy and data farming grows it is ESSENTIAL that you have your own means of directly contacting your clients and customers other than via these popular sources.

By adding simple subscription options to your blog and/or collection email addresses from point of sale (whether that be at an event venue or your place of business) you are fully in the driving seat in being able to reach out at any given time.

For more details on how I can help you achieve this,

*data source

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