Mobile Friendly

mobileFriendlyWWAs technology advances, so do mobile devices and their ability to function and read web content.

A professional website design should embrace all the new technologies, both in the way it is built and the way it is delivered.

We build your website with this is mind, making it easy to navigate whatever the mobile phone or tablet. As mobile web browsing increases, so do the tools at hand to capitalize on this fact.

Mobile friendly site

We can build your site with any of several ‘fully responsive’ themes, meaning it adapts to the device it is being viewed on. If you are reading this on a desktop computer, try viewing our site on your mobile to see what we mean.

Mobile App

As already explained in our previous blog, the tools are at hand for anyone to build their own site, just as there are now tools to allow you to build your very own mobile app.
At WardsWebsites we have now acquired the necessary licenses to build your app and get it submitted into the official Android and iTunes stores, something which would cost you a great deal of time and effort if you were to try for yourself.

Get in touch now to find out more.

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