A new era for WardsWebsites

The last 24 months have been insanely busy for my website builds and hosting services.

Thanks to the support of friends and close associates, my list of clients grows on a weekly basis and I am continuously improving my technical skills and design abilities.

Due to recent issues with my previous hosting and domain provider, I have had to make the move to a whole new platform, which if the truth be told should have happened a while ago.

I am now in the process of porting all existing websites to a new server and am enjoying the use of a fully automated invoicing and support ticket system.

I have always been very upfront with the fact that I (along with the help of some very special people) am a self-taught website designer and graphic designer. Whilst there are only a few limitations to what I can do, the constant change to the industry means there are a whole heap of new tools always at my disposal and some of the recent sites I have built are amongst my best work yet.

I now boast in excess of 100 client builds, I am in the process of updating my portfolio.

Working from home and being somewhat of a workaholic, I enjoy continuing to offer all my clients the fastest response times to any issues they may have, my ability to multitask across many platforms means I could be working on several websites at any one time, as well as creating new artworks for my own Vocal Booth Weekender event here in Spain and/or any sister events.

I am also enjoying helping my friends with their Social Media output now and have seen some pretty phenomenal results from some tasty Facebook Advertising campaigns.

Get in touch now to find out more.

If you are keen to know more about exactly how I can help you,

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