New Year. New Website. Hit the ground running.

A New Year brings new opportunities.

What better reason to begin as you mean to go on and give your out-of-date website a much needed overhaul ?

If you already own your own domain name and hosting, then we can quickly, conveniently and more importantly FOR A LOW COST  make your existing website look so much more professional and functional.

How much are you paying for hosting ?

Be sure to come to us for a quote before you renew your hosting… yes, you may have a competitive price but what restrictions are you under ?

Does your website look good on your phone ?

Most website views now come via mobile devices.  How does your site look on your phone ? Chances are a lot of the impact is lost and you are missing out on important functions. We can put this right.

How secure is your site ?

Everyday we hear of more and more instances of major websites getting hacked. These are obviously very specific attacks and yet if you do not have the correct security in place on your own website you could lose vital information and customer details but more importantly you could be losing yourself money !  Contact us now to find out how we can prevent this happening.

How productive is your site ?

Having a website that looks good is important yet if you have no one viewing it, or traffic as it’s knows, then you are missing out on major opportunity.  We can direct RELEVANT traffic to your site and help convert your website traffic into actual revenue. Contact us now to find out how.


A few things to consider

On your site:

  • Are you putting out a regular blog to engage your customers or fans ? Why not ?
  • Does your site work well across ALL devices ? Why not ?
  • Do you have your own podcast, on your own server in the iTunes store ? Why not ?
  • Are all of your social media sites connected via your website ? Why not ?
  • Are you selling goods on line, including tickets for events or clothing, saving yourself hassle and over-priced commissions ? Why not ?


[infobox style=”alert-info”] Get in touch for our very reasonable upgrade packages… your new site could be live literally within hours. [/infobox]


Thinking of getting a website ?

If you do not own your own site, then now is the perfect time to get involved. We have a great selection of brand new templates ready to be customised for your truly bespoke, on-line home.

Prices start as low as £200 and we have some special deals that include full brand re-packaging, logo creation etc.


Drop us a mail now.

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