Reaching the RIGHT audience with your website and marketing

There is no questioning the power and importance of Facebook in today’s marketplace.

If used right, you can harness all of that power to your advantage, yet there are many ways that people fail when they try to make their content go viral or reach a wider audience.

This wonderful article from Socially Sorted explains why it is essential to think carefully when creating your content and also goes some way to back up previous posts made here regarding how you interact with your fan or customer base.

If you only use Facebook to promote yourself or your business, how much panic does it bring to you at the thought of the site crashing at a vital time in your promotions schedule ?


Recently a friend posted an inflammatory statement on Facebook that was specifically thought up to get people talking on his wall. Afterwards he edited the status, claiming how it shows how his marketing can easily reach out and create awareness by using social media in this way… Personally, I think this couldn’t be further from the truth.

This was his following statement once editing the original post.

The Power of Social Media!!

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So the 6 likes he got and 34 comments, apparently, is a good way to show just how strong he is at marketing ? How ? By making a comment that was not shared once (due to it not being something he KNEW people agreed with) and created a little bit of ‘banter’ on line ?  My friend and I have joked in the past at how our ideas differ so this isn’t a direct attack on him by any means, I think it just works as a great example.


vbNow compare this with a status update made by myself yesterday.


A simple update announcing the tickets going on sale for a certain event that one or two people get excited about.

This was posted on a page that has been CAREFULLY built to contain ONLY the relevant customer base.  It resonated with the fans of the page and received 19 likes and a few comments but more importantly over 25 SHARES, reaching an impressive 4000+ views.

THAT’S how you market well, not by blanket spamming everyone but making sure you build your customer base carefully and don’t waste time and money on people who couldn’t care less for you or your product.


Remember, a Facebook page or group will only go so far to reach your fan or customer base (as explained here). You really need to be making a conscious effort to be building your own database of customer’s information and connecting with them DIRECTLY on a regular basis.

If you would like more information on how I can help you achieve this, be it with your own website or any type of marketing campaign or mail out creation, contact me here.

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