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In our last post “The End of Facebook” we shared information that only 6-10 % of your friends on Facebook will see any content that you share. This is a shockingly poor statistic.

Whatever your business or if you are a budding DJ/promoter/producer, it has always been your goal to gain new “Likes” on Facebook, right ? Same as gaining followers and plays on Soundcloud or Podomatic (check this blog for more info on that). The more Likes, the more people you’ll reach, right ? Well, not necessarily.

With Facebook’s new PROMOTE option, you can pay to reach more people and gain new Likes on your page. WardsWebsites does this from time to time, but not to gain Likes, instead we pay to reach more people with targeted posts or adverts. This means more people will SEE what we have to say. This has been proven to work, by spending just 5 or 10 Euros at a time, we always gain a couple of new website clients.

The reason of this post is to highlight the problem with gaining Likes for the sake of it. Many people use Likes as some sort of social currency, let’s face it we all make an assumption on how successful someone is by the amount of Likes they have, don’t we! Unless of course it is a ridiculously high amount, then we assume they are as fake as the Michael Kors handbags down on the beach.

If you are looking to expand then you may pay to reach more people and gain more Likes. The Likes come in and you feel that you are now reaching MORE people. WRONG. Chances are most of these new Likes are actually FAKE people. Now, let’s go back to the 6-10% reach we were talking about earlier. If you had 100 people liking your page before, then every post you made was reaching maximum of 10 people. All of a sudden you now have 200 likes so to do the very simple math you will reach 20 people now every time you post content. Great ! Not really… because chances are the 20 people you reach will mainly be fake profiles, and so really NO ONE is seeing what you have to say.

All of the above is a summary of what is explained in a much more detailed video below. I highly recommend you watch it.

It comes back to the obvious statement of quality over quantity.

There is no point having a database of 5000 email addresses if most of them are no longer active or on the opposite side of the world to where your party is being held, or the people are totally of the wrong demographic that you or your product is interested in.

Remember, if you need help with your online marketing or a website update, then do contact us immediately.

Thanks to Manuel Walti for the share of the video.

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